Private Sessions

The support you need to propel your Evolutionary Path of Enlightenment forward.
Training, healing and guidance, to embody the alignment you seek

Energy Restorative Sessions

Energy Restorative Sessions take you through a gentle, simple and amazingly effective process of shifting out of the pain and energetic discomfort stored in the body, to releasing what doesn’t belong to you and choosing to let go.

Some of the things in a session include: 

  • Cellular DNA Upgrading
  • Remote Energy Transmissions
  • Lightbody Activations
  • Crystalline Auric Structure
  • Empath Energy Management

Cosmic Consciousness Coaching

In Cosmic Consciousness Coaching, Cassidy helps you build a deeper relationship with the cosmos by uncovering the steps of destiny’s path of what the next level of your evolutionary journey may be.

Some of the things in a session include: 

  • Relationship Building with Higher Beings
  • Learning Your Cosmic/Ancestral Origins
  • Universal/Galactic Exploration
  • Guided Meditations
  • Working With Your Spirit Guides

Layered Conditional Clearing

In Layered Conditional Clearing sessions, Cassidy deprograms the 3rd dimensional energy of duality to help you heal many lifetimes of experiences of divisiveness and separation, so you can come out of those old identifications and smallness of it.

Some of the things in a session include: 

  • Subconscious Reprogramming
  • Shifting Old Karmic Patterns + Cycles
  • Shedding Old Layers of Conditioning
  • Mastering the Lessons of The Earth Plane
  • Universal Realignment